Elderly care

Our elderly care offers support inside and outside the home, different aids and various forms of housing.

Elderly care services are characterised by self-determination, individualisation and freedom of choice. Senior citizens in Stockholm should lead a dignified life and feel a sense of well-being, security and meaningfulness.
The City of Stockholm works primarily with

  • safety alarms, home care and relief for those who are caring for loved ones
  • daily activities and personal attendants
  • short-term care, sheltered accommodation, and care and nursing homes
  • mobility service, aids for those with impaired vision or hearing, as well as the disabled, and the “fixer” service.
    The Elderly care website has information about support and help for those who live in the City of Stockholm and have reached the age of 65.

Elderly care - core values and commitment to dignity

Elderly care services have a common set of core values:
Elderly care services in the City of Stockholm are characterised by self-determination, individualisation and freedom of choice.

An elderly-friendly city

The City of Stockholm should be an accessible and inclusive city with an environment that promotes an active life – at all stages of life. Both physical and social factors in the environment play a role at all stages of life. Creating an elderly-friendly city is in line with the City’s vision and is part of its work to realise the global sustainable development goals in the UN’s Agenda 2030. This work aims to contribute to enabling the City of Stockholm to meet the demographic challenges.

In May 2021, the City Council adopted an action plan for an elderly-friendly city. The purpose of the action plan is to set the direction for the work, and specifies five development areas for the City to respect human rights.