The City of Stockholm is responsible for a number of cultural institutions and supports independent culture.

Cultural activities integrate into other operations within the City, for example in pre-schools, schools and elderly care services. Stockholm aims to be a vibrant, inclusive and open city for culture and events. Activities for children and young people are a priority.

Stockholm has a large and wide range of cultural offerings all year round through a number of institutions and independent groups. The institutions are private, state-owned or county-owned, and some are municipal.

The Culture Department is responsible for supporting independent culture, as well as

  • Stockholm Public Libraries - about 40 libraries and the digital library
  • Stockholm City Museum
  • Medieval Museum
  • Liljevalchs art gallery
  • Stockholm Art
  • Stockholmia publishing house
  • School of the Arts
  • Culture Festival, We Are Sthlm, Stockholm Culture Night and New Year celebrations.

The Culture Department is also responsible for several different areas of expertise with regard to how culture is included in the City’s development and in urban planning.

Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre is one of the City’s companies. It also operates:

  • Parkteatern
  • Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre in Skärholmen and Vällingby

The culture strategy programme sets out the direction for the City’s departments and companies, which have a joint responsibility, often in collaboration with private or other public actors. The programme is based on two perspectives: Equal opportunities to access and create culture and A creative and attractive Stockholm, and it contains five collaboration strategies for the areas:

  •  Urban development
  • Education and learning
  • The state, the region and academia
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Tourism.

Culture at Eye Level

The aim of the Culture at Eye Level programme is to enable all children and young people to access cultural activities. They should also have the opportunity to influence their cultural and leisure activities and the environments in which they live.

School Library Plan

The starting point for the City’s school library plan is that students and teachers should have access to school libraries.