Communication is an obvious and integral part of the City’s operations. All communication should be active, accessible and credible.

Every day, the City’s employees have hundreds of thousands of contacts and meetings. The City of Stockholm is a public organisation that ultimately exists for Stockholmers. This means that the City has an important responsibility for information. It must be easy for Stockholmers to access reliable information. It must also be easy to have an insight and be involved in the decisions and anything that affects the everyday lives of Stockholmers.

The City’s communication work provides operational support to realising the City Council’s budget, goals and vision. Communication contributes to the quality of our operations and the development of the City. Conscious work on communication enables a uniform and relevant image of the City of Stockholm.

Through social media, the City shares information about matters that are useful for Stockholmers and visitors in everyday life.


All city district departments, specialist departments and companies are responsible for the information within their respective areas of activity.

The City Executive Office is responsible for directing, leading and coordinating the City’s communication work, and is responsible for the overall policy documents. This responsibility also includes the development and management of the City’s digital channels.

Graphical profile and social media

The City’s brand manual contains information and guidelines for how the City’s graphical profile is used. It also includes the City’s policy and guidelines for social media.

Social media

The City of Stockholm’s communication must be accessible and clear. Stockholmers can use social media to easily access information about matters that are useful to them in everyday life.

The City of Stockholm also has a guide containing practical tips, advice and instructions for social media.

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