Thousands of events take place every year in Stockholm. The City of Stockholm organises some of the regular ones, provides grants to external organisers, and strives to attract international events.

Stockholm aims to be a leading, climate-smart and attractive city of events and experiences, with a rich selection of international events and a cultural offering that offers something for everyone.

Events create an attractive city, contribute to the hospitality industry and provide jobs, create context and bring people together of different origins and with different backgrounds, and contribute to increased knowledge and participation. The ultimate aim is to bring benefit and pleasure to Stockholmers.

The City strives to make it easier for event organisers to manage their activities via the Event Pilot function.

Event Pilot

Sustainability and security

The City’s programme for events emphasises that the City must strive to ensure that events organised in Stockholm are sustainable. To support and inspire organisers in this work, the City has created a guide for sustainable events. 

The City of Stockholm has extensive experience in crime prevention and security work at events, and has a close collaboration with relevant authorities and other actors in the region to create safety and security. The City actively follows developments in the field and has an ongoing dialogue with the police, especially with regard to the threat level in Sweden.


Stockholm Business Region is tasked with marketing Stockholm as a visitor destination and aims at attracting major international events to the City.

Stockholm Business Region  AB

The Sports Department strives to bring a wide range of sustainable events to Stockholm, with priority given to those events that inspire increased sporting and physical activity.

Sports Department

The Culture Department organises the City’s own major events (such as the Culture Festival) and runs event activities in Kungsträdgården.

Culture Department

The Transport Department helps organisers to plan events in public places in Stockholm.

Transport Committee