The City as an employer

The City of Stockholm is one of Sweden’s largest employers, and our operations span in a number of different areas.

The City of Stockholm has more than 40,000 employees working in more than 300 different occupations. Competent, committed employees are a prerequisite for being able to meet the needs and expectations of Stockholmers.


The City of Stockholm applies skills based recruitment as a method of ensuring that competence is decisive when recruiting. Every recruitment is important and is a long-term commitment.

Salary and pension

The City of Stockholm has an individual, differentiated pay structure. This requires that employees are aware of requirements, expectations and goals. Managers follow up and give feedback on results.

Occupational health & safety

The City’s goal is to combine effective operations with a working life that is sustainable long term. This means that the City must prevent occupational injuries and promote health and safety by creating an open working climate that contributes to everyone being able to feel a sense of well-being at their workplace.

Equal rights and opportunities

The City of Stockholm aims to be a good employer and offers decent working conditions for all. This requires preventive and proactive work to combat discrimination. All employees in the City must have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Skills development

The City of Stockholm offers excellent opportunities for skills development and a varied professional life. The City is a large organisation, and its size makes it possible to develop in different parts of the organisation. Many employees who have worked in the City for a long time have developed through traditional career paths, but many have also expanded their competence by working in different operations. This contributes to employees being happy and engaged in the development of the operations.


The City’s departments and companies are responsible for HR issues within their respective areas of activity.
The City Executive Office is responsible for the City’s strategic skills provision, strategic HR development and provision of managers, employer, transition and pension issues, as well as the administration and development of HR systems.
City Executive Office

Smoke-free working hours

There is no smoking during working hours in the City of Stockholm’s operations. This means that smoking is not permitted during working hours, also including shorter breaks or when employees are travelling between different users. Lunch breaks are not included in the working hours and are therefore not included. The purpose of smoke-free working hours is that it must be possible to offer services in a smoke-free environment. No one should have to be exposed to tobacco smoke involuntarily.