Digitalisation enables the City of Stockholm to offer safe, secure and accessible tools. This serves residents, visitors and entrepreneurs well.

Digitalisation facilitates people’s everyday lives and opportunities to communicate, work, study and lead an active life; regardless of age and functional ability. The City of Stockholm takes advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

There is a high level of digital maturity in Stockholm, and the digital infrastructure is well developed. The City develops internal processes to make them more efficient. Properly managed, digitalisation contributes to a more efficient welfare system. This allows the City’s employees to devote their working hours to a greater extent to residents, value creation and qualified issues. This results in increased quality for Stockholmers.

All of the City of Stockholm’s operations shall provide service, and service solutions, that are relevant and of high quality. Our target group is Stockholmers, of today and in the future. To achieve this, we undertake systematic, proactive quality work that includes continuous improvement, innovation and digitalisation.