The City of Stockholm strives to offer the best possible conditions for existing companies to grow and for new companies to set up and establish themselves in Stockholm.

By virtue of its size and its vast stock of knowledge, the Stockholm region plays a crucial role in the growth of the entire country. The City of Stockholm has a strong business community and is an attractive place to work as an entrepreneur. Stockholm has the highest number of so-called unicorns per capita after Silicon Valley in the USA.

The business community consists of a variety of industries, representing just over 80 percent of Sweden’s business activities.
The largest area of business activity is business services, which include law, finance, science and technology. Followed by retail, manufacturing, financial services, and information and communication.

In total, there are about 83,000 workplaces in the City, with just over 680,000 jobs. Most companies are small, with about 45 percent having 1-4 employees.

City Executive Office

The City Executive Office is responsible for the strategic development and coordination of the City’s work on business.

The City of Stockholm’s Business Policy (pdf)