Public spaces

The City’s public spaces – streets, squares and other public places – are one of Stockholm’s biggest and most important assets.

Our public spaces should make it possible to access the City’s rich offering and be places where people should want to spend time.

The City’s public spaces are there for everyone

It is fundamental in a democratic and equal society that public spaces are safe, inviting places for all people. There is a need for vibrant urban environments throughout the City, where everyone feels welcome and can move around and spend time freely.

People are the most important element in an attractive urban environment. There needs to be good conditions for walking, standing, cycling, sitting, watching, listening and talking. Public spaces are necessary for those who want to participate in an event or those looking for solitude. Places must also enable efficient operation, so that they are well-managed and safe.

A City that is attractive to spend time in

As the City grows, there are more people sharing public spaces, which increases the potential for interaction. Public spaces should invite visitors, create interaction and uphold public safety.

The City of Stockholm’s strategy for public spaces emphasises the aspects of social interaction. The strategy is a complement to the City’s accessibility strategy, which focuses on transport, movement and the balance.

How we develop Stockholm’s public spaces

The City’s overall mission is to enable people to access and spend their time in the city. The City of Stockholm is rebuilding and developing the quality of social interaction on our streets. The design of public spaces should facilitate flexibility.

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A Greener Stockholm – invest in our parks

A Greener Stockholm is a special initiative to develop the City’s parks, green corridors and natural areas.

Public safety