Transport Department

The Transport Department is responsible for ensuring that public spaces are safe and attractive, with efficient transport solutions and good accessibility in the increasingly dense city.

The Transport Department is responsible for

  • maintenance of the urban and street environment, as well as certain parks: Kungsträdgården, Berzelii park, Norra Bantorget, Strömparterren and the Järva green wedge
  • investments in streets and roads, and in the parks mentioned above
  • coordination and development of the urban environment operations of the city district councils
  • maintenance of all the City’s trees on street space
  • leasing of public spaces and market places
  • development of the City’s squares
  • strategic traffic planning
  • development of road safety
  • monitoring of traffic and parking.

The elected representatives of the Transport Committee make decisions on how the City should work within these different areas. The Transport Department must then execute the Committee’s decisions. 

Transport Committee

Fault report for the City’s traffic and outdoor environment

The Transport Department receives fault reports and comments concerning streets, parks and squares. You can download our "Tyck till" ("Have a say") app or give us a call.

Phone: 08-651 00 00

Have a say via the app


Work at the Transport Department is led by Director of Transport Gunilla Glantz. The Department consists of nine divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.

Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit

  • provides support for the Head of Department
  • provides support and is responsible, together with the Administrative Division, for coordination and assessment of operational priorities
  • has contact with the office and the City Planning Department, and takes care of administration of the departmental executive group
  • takes care of general, comprehensive inquiries and referrals.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for

  • documentation
  • HR issues
  • IT and information security
  • facilities and service centres
  • internal audits.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for

  • budgets and follow-up
  • financial statements and accounting
  • procurement-related issues.

Communications Division

The Communications Division

  • manages and coordinates the Transport Department’s internal and external communication
  • ensures that communication is accessible, active and credible
  • is responsible for the Transport Department’s internal and external channels, as well as media relations and crisis communication.

Development Division

The Development Division runs and coordinates overall operational development at the Transport Department.

Traffic Planning Division

The Traffic Planning Division

  • is responsible for strategic traffic planning and for ensuring that the traffic environment functions in everyday life
  • strives to meet the needs of all road users for road safety and security, accessibility and availability, through optimisations, internal investment projects and the design of new infrastructure
  • is responsible for the City’s traffic light installations and for judgements and prioritisations between traffic interests and the City’s other goals
  • leads traffic planning work in the early city planning processes within the framework of the City’s housing goals.

Infrastructure Division

The Infrastructure Division

  • takes care of the management and operation of the Department’s facilities in the street space, with responsibility for civil engineering, construction works and structures, and lighting
  • is responsible for project management, project planning management, procurement, construction management and implementation of investment projects on squares and street space within the Transport Department’s budget
  • provides overall operational support and has ultimate responsibility in the areas of procurement, costing support, security issues and project management through the project management strategy.

Permit Division

The Permit Division

  • is responsible for monitoring municipal parking in the City’s street space
  • is responsible for diverting road users in connection with roadworks to achieve traffic safety, accessibility and availability in Stockholm traffic
  • is responsible for underground installation agreements and various support systems used in connection with roadworks
  • handles permits for events and dispensations of various kinds, for example for heavy vehicles
  • is a referral body for vetoes, and is responsible for the City’s overall assessments when a public space is to be used with a police permit.

Urban Environment Division

The Urban Environment Division is responsible for

  • the urban environment in streets and squares
  • planning, investment and management of central parks and trees in streets
  • winter road maintenance, ground cleaning and surface maintenance in squares and streets
  • design of streets, squares and quaysides
  • developing flower programmes for urns
  • combating Dutch elm disease in parks and streets
  • procurement, follow-up and control of winter road maintenance and street cleaning
  • maintenance of snow dumps and sand silos
  • management of rocky outcrops
  • Christmas trees in parks and streets.