Social Services Department

The Social Services Department creates the conditions for equal and legally secure social services and disability care throughout the City.

The social services department creates the conditions for equal and legally secure social services and disability care throughout the city.

The Social Services Department 

  • develops social services and disability care by coordinating, guiding and following up social services in the City of Stockholm. A significant part of the work is carried out in close collaboration with the district administrations.
  • provides city-wide activities, including housing and treatment for different target groups, homelessness centers, social emergency services and outreach activities.
  • receives newly arrived adults and families with children with residence permits who have been assigned to Stockholm for settlement, and is also responsible for unaccompanied minors, both those with a residence permit and those still waiting for one.
  • develops the city's cooperation with civil society, as a complement to social services.
  • makes decisions on serving licences in Stockholm, and is responsible for supervising restaurants and other businesses that hold serving licences.
  • conducts research and development in the field of social services and disability together with the City of Stockholm's Social Services Academy, whose members are advisors on issues relating to the social administration's work with research and development.

It is the elected representatives in the social welfare committee who decide how the City should work in the area. The Social Services Administration implements the Board's decisions.


The Social Services Department is headed by Administrative Director Veronica Carstorp Wolgast. The administration consists of three departments with responsibility for activities in each area.

The Department for City-wide Social Affairs

This department is responsible for City-wide issues: 

  • Produces guidelines and policy documents
  • Monitors the city's social services
  • Conducts research and development
  • Supports and trains employees in the district administrations.

The department makes proposals for the direction of fundamental issues to the municipal council and responds to referrals to the social welfare committee on issues relating to the City's overall efforts.

The department also assesses the district councils' calculation of reimbursement levels and is responsible for health and medical care up to the nursing level within certain LSS decisions.

The department's units are:

  • Centre of Excellence for Children and Young People
  • Competence Center Adults
  • Competence Center for Disability
  • Coordination and Follow-up Unit
  • Unit of Social Systems
  • Permit Unit
  • LSS health.

The Department of Social Support Services

The Department of Social Support Services runs City-wide activities for

  • children, young people and adults in the open care
  • crisis hotlines
  • outreach and advisory activities
  • efforts on homelessness.

The department also includes operations that sell round-the-clock care to the district administrations for children, young people and adults, as well as accommodation and treatment places for adults.

The department's units are:

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependence Treatment Unit
  • Estate Administration Unit
  • Support and Protection Unit
  • Homeless Unit
  • Family counselling in the City of Stockholm
  • Future Stockholm
  • LSS Unit
  • Children and Youth Resource Teams
  • Stockholm's Housing and Treatment Unit for Adults
  • The City of Stockholm's social emergency services.

The Department of Social Preparedness and Administrative Support

The Department of Social Preparedness and Administrative Support is responsible for:

  • cross-administrative planning and investigation work
  • administrative services to the Board and its committees
  • association grants
  • advice and support on procurement issues
  • human resources
  • financial and IT issues.

The department's units are:

  • Adminstrative office
  • Finance unit
  • Unit for internal services and facilities
  • Digital professional support unit
  • Procurement and association support unit
  • Human resources unit.