Service Department

The Service Department is the City of Stockholm’s organisation for joint administration and service.

The Service Department provides administrative services to the City’s departments and companies. It is tasked with streamlining the City’s administrative functions.

The Service Department is responsible for administrative services in the following areas:

  • finance
  • pay and pensions
  • shared PBX
  • e-commerce
  • information and service about the City’s operations through the Stockholm Contact Centre
  • procurement
  • purchasing of electricity
  • facilities planning
  • recruitment.

The elected representatives on the Service Committee make decisions on how the City should work in this area. The Service Department then implements the committee’s decisions.

Service Committee


The work of the Service Department is led by Head of Department Charlotte Goliath. The department consists of seven operational areas, one division for internal administration and one for development.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for the committee secretariat, registry, financial follow-up and accounting, general HR issues, facilities-related issues, etc.

Development Division

The Development Division is responsible for encouraging operational development by making use of the opportunities for digitalisation within the Department. The Division also works with

  • governance and follow-up
  • information security
  • data protection
  • IT and telephony
  • management and development of the systems/objects owned by the Department.


Service Department Finance is the City’s joint financial administration function. The mandatory range of services for the City’s departments includes

  • customer and supplier invoices
  • cashier and banking services
  • system administration of the City’s finance system.

Digitalisation, IT and Telephony

The Digitalisation, IT and Telephony Division (DIT) offers operational support in digitalisation projects. This support is targeted primarily at the City’s specialist departments. Our in-house consultants make it possible to increase the pace of the City’s digitalisation work, while at the same time simplifying administration.

The DIT function performs its brief and designs its services on the basis of the City’s quality programme.

The Division is being built up in stages, under the motto of quality over quantity. Its operations will grow based on evaluation and needs.

Contact Centre

Stockholmers can get in touch with the Contact Centre with questions about the City’s operations and services. This operation informs, provides support and guidance in everything from care of the elderly to licences to serve alcohol.

The Contact Centre also includes online and communication support.

Facilities Planning

Service Department Facilities Planning offers support in matters relating to facilities. The services are aimed at businesses that, for example,

  • need new premises
  • want to renovate existing premises
  • need support in their role as a tenant.

Pay and Pensions

Service Department Pay and Pensions is the City’s joint administrative unit for payroll and pensions. This involves, among other things, the operation dealing with pay-related tasks for all employees of the City.

The unit also answers questions from former employees about pay and pensions. 



Service Department Recruitment offers recruitment support to the City’s managers. Its purpose is to provide a quality-assured, uniform recruitment process.

Procurement and Purchasing

Service Department Procurement and Purchasing conducts joint and central procurement processes and offers procurement support to the City’s departments and companies.