City Archives

Access to information is a prerequisite for democracy and knowledge building. The City Archives are involved in creating the transparent city and ensuring that the city's information is available to everyone, now and in the future.

The City Archives shall ensure that important social information created in the City of Stockholm is managed, stored and preserved so that it can be used today and in the future. This assignment is based on the democratic right to access public documents, the need for information for the administration of justice and administration, and the needs of research.

It is the elected representatives in the Culture Committee who decide how the city should work in the field of archives. The City Archives will then implement the committee's decision.


The City Archives is headed by City Archivist Lennart Ploom, who is also the Head of Administration. The City Archives is organized into three departments and a management support function.

The Public Access and Publishing Division is responsible for satisfying the public’s right to access public documents in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents. We provide guidance and information on the search paths and the contents of the archives stored at the City Archives. We strive constantly to ensure that the way we respond and our services are adapted to each individual’s ability to ask for and access the information.

We are responsible for the City Archives library, which contains not only Stockholmiana, but also literature in special areas that support archival research.

In our educational activities, we arrange programmes and tours that help to provide different target groups with perspectives on issues facing the City in the future.

We are responsible for ensuring that the digitalised information published is visible, open and easily searchable for all users.

This Division provides support and advice on issues relating to archival information to the City’s operations, and publishes guidelines in this area. We make decisions on which archival information is to be preserved and which is to be purged. We strive to ensure that both digital and analogue archival information from the whole City is stored efficiently. The City’s digital information is collected and stored in the e-service “e-arkiv Stockholm”. The e-archive is used to make the City’s information available to citizens, companies and the City’s operations.

We undertake supervision and check that the rules are being complied with in the City’s operations.
The Division is the system owner and administrator of the City’s common case and document management system, eDok, which aims to provide an efficient, citizen-oriented case management process.

Executive Support is the Head of Department’s support in matters relating to governance, planning, communication and coordination. It includes functions for operational planning and follow-up, communication, finance, HR, occupational health and safety, change management, strategic collaboration and research coordination.

This Division is responsible for the City Archives’ internal service. We support the Department on issues such as property, servicing of facilities, telephony, operation-related IT, contracts, purchasing and environmental management work.