Education Department

The Education Department in the City of Stockholm is the biggest municipal department in Sweden, with almost 16,000 employees and approximately 170 municipal compulsory and upper secondary schools. We endeavour to provide all children in the Stockholm with a good education. The focus is on the pupils’ circumstances, motivation and learning.

The issues that the Education Department is responsible for are to

  • operate and develop municipal activities in
    • preschool classes
    • compulsory school
    • special needs compulsory school
    • upper secondary school
    • special needs upper secondary school
    • leisure-times centres and after-school clubs
  • assume responsibility for independent operations based on the municipality’s responsibilities, such as licensing, supervision and handling applications, comments and complaints
  • offer services in all student health professions.

The elected representatives on the Education Committee make decisions on how the City should work in this area. The Education Department must then implement the committee’s decisions.


The work of the Education Department is led by Director of Education Lena Holmdahl. The Department consists of six divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.

The Division is responsible for

  • preschool class
  • compulsory school
  • special needs compulsory school
  • leisure-time centres
  • after-school clubs
  • care during inconvenient working hours.

The Division is responsible for

  • upper secondary school
  • special needs upper secondary school.

The Division is responsible for

  • information and communication technology
  • research and development
  • follow-up and evaluation
  • statistics and analysis
  • school applications
  • supervision of leisure-time centres
  • pedagogical care
  • transparency assignments in respect of independent schools
  • additional amounts and reception in special needs schools.

The Division is responsible for

  • admission and school placement in preschool class and compulsory school
  • decisions on school transport for pupils in independent schools or other municipalities
  • central monitoring of compulsory school attendance
  • finance
  • internal control
  • dietary issues
  • facilities-related issues
  • committee secretariat
  • the planning and follow-up process
  • resource allocation
  • security
  • procurement


The Division is responsible for

  • support for managers in HR-related matters
  • skills supply
  • executive development
  • employee survey
  • pay structure
  • HR statistics
  • archives
  • registry
  • administrative services
  • training in the respective areas

The Division offers support in the areas of

  • pupil health
  • mother tongue
  • media
  • library activities.