Since 1991, Stockholms Stadshus AB has been the parent company of a corporate group consisting of 16 subsidiaries and one associated company. Stockholms Stadshus AB is owned by the City of Stockholm and constitutes a unifying function for the City’s limited companies. Together with the City’s departments, these form the Municipal Group.

The role of the City of Stockholm’s companies is to contribute to the benefit of the municipality by offering and delivering services to the City’s residents. This involves everything from housing, school buildings, care homes, trade fair venues, stadia and culture to port facilities, car parks, district heating, fibre networks, water and waste.

The City Council makes decisions in its budget on owner directives for all companies within the Group. The owner directives set out tasks for the Executive Boards of the companies that are to be executed during the financial year. The Executive Boards of the companies have the same orientation goals as the City’s committees.