SISAB – Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB

SISAB owns and manages most schools and preschools in the City of Stockholm. The company owns and manages approximately 600 properties, which are used on a daily basis by about 200,000 children, youths and adults.

SISAB, Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB, ensures that children and young people in Stockholm have safe, accessible and healthy school and preschool premises. SISAB owns and manages most of the schools and preschools in the City of Stockholm, approximately 600 buildings (1.8 million square metres).

SISAB’s customers are the City of Stockholm’s Education Department and the City’s city district departments. Around 16 percent of the premises that are not leased by the City of Stockholm’s operations are rented out for other purposes; independent schools, housing, parking and commercial premises.

The elected representatives on SISAB’s Executive Board make decisions on behalf of the company. SISAB must then execute these decisions.


The Executive Board of SISAB adopts the company’s owner directives, which are executed through SISAB’s executive team. The work is led by SISAB’s CEO Ebba Agerman.

SISAB has around 260 employees at the office in Palmfelt Center, Globen.

The company is organised in eight divisions: the Operations Division, the Finance Division, the Property Division, the Property Development Division, the HR Division, the Purchasing Division, the Project Division and the CEO’s Unit.