Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall operates and develops water and waste services with an environmental focus. The company supplies drinking water and treats wastewater in the City of Stockholm and Huddinge Municipality, and is responsible for waste management in the City of Stockholm.

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall is Sweden's largest water and waste company. The business affects 1,5 million Stockholmers every day. In total, the company supplies drinking water to twelve municipalities and treats waste from eight municipalities.

The company is responsible for collecting household waste as well as recycling centers, recycling centers and recycling stations.

From 1 January 2024, they will also be responsible for packaging collection in the city.

It is the elected representatives in Stockholm and the Board of Directors of Stockholm Vatten och Avfall who make the company's decisions. Stockholm Vatten och avfall will then implement the Board's decision.


Stockholm Vatten och Avfall is led by acting CEO Jenny Bengtsson.