AB Svenska Bostäder

AB Svenska Bostäder is one of the biggest housing companies in Sweden. Svenska Bostäder’s subsidiary Stadsholmen owns, refurbishes and manages buildings with significant antiquarian values in the City of Stockholm.

AB Svenska Bostäder was founded in 1944. In addition to managing its existing apartments, Svenska Bostäder is building new rental and student apartments all over Stockholm.

The elected representatives on Svenska Bostäder’s Executive Board make decisions on behalf of the company. Svenska Bostäder must then execute these decisions.


Svenska Bostäder is led by CEO Stefan Sandberg. The company consists of six divisions with responsibility for operations within each area: Property Management, Property Development, HR, Finance, Business Development and Communication.

The property portfolio is organised in four districts and the subsidiary Stadsholmen, which has its own responsibility for customers and profitability.