City District Department of Hässelby-Vällingby

The City District Department of Hässelby-Vällingby is responsible for a large proportion of municipal services within the city district area of Hässelby-Vällingby.

The City District Department is responsible for

  • municipal preschool
  • elderly care services
  • support and services for people with disabilities
  • work on the urban environment (e.g. maintenance of parks)
  • social psychiatry
  • individual and family care
  • guidance for consumers
  • leisure and cultural activities.

The elected representatives on the City District Council decide how these municipal operations are to be carried out in the area. The City District Department must then implement the Council’s decisions.

The city district area comprises the following city districts:

  • Hässelby Gård
  • Hässelby Strand
  • Hässelby Villastad
  • Grimsta
  • Kälvesta
  • Nälsta
  • Råcksta
  • Vinsta
  • Vällingby.


The work of the City District Department is led by Toni Mellblom, Director of the City District of Hässelby-Vällingby. The Department consists of five divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.

Operational Support and Urban Environment

The Operational Support and Urban Environment Division consists of four units:

  • The Administrative Unit comprises the council, registry, archival issues, security, public safety-related issues, information security and contact with the Department’s data protection officer.
  • The Finance and Purchasing Unit is responsible for the Department’s financial matters such as accounting, financial statements, budgets and forecasting.
  • The HR Unit provides managerial support in the areas of HR and caretaker services.
  • The Urban Environment and Facilities Unit includes urban environment, facilities-related issues, practical security, planning and environmental issues, procurement, and IT and telephony.


The Preschool Division is responsible for municipal preschools, open preschools and introductory preschools. The preschool comprises ten units with approximately 2,500 children enrolled.

The Division also handles the processing of childcare during inconvenient working hours and initiatives for children in need of special support within municipal preschools.


Children and Young People

This Division investigates the needs of children and young people for support and protection, and offers preventive initiatives for children and families. The Division works in areas including parenting advice, family law, field assistants, youth recreation centres and park playgrounds.


This Division investigates the needs of adults for support, care and treatment. The Division works in areas including income support, substance abuse problems, domestic violence and citizen services.

The Division investigates, makes decisions on and implements initiatives for adults up to the age of 65 with physical and mental disabilities.

Elderly Care

The Elderly Care Division investigates and makes decisions on support, health and social care initiatives for people over the age of 65, initiatives carried out by its own units or private care providers. The Division includes

  • home care service
  • care and nursing homes
  • open meeting places for senior citizens.