City District Department of Bromma

The City District Department of Bromma is responsible for a large proportion of municipal services within the city district area of Bromma.

The City District Department is responsible for

• municipal preschool
• elderly care services
• support and services for people with disabilities
• work on the urban environment (e.g. maintenance of parks)
• guidance for consumers
• social psychiatry
• individual and family care
• leisure and cultural activities.

The elected representatives on the City District Council decide what is to be prioritised for these municipal operations in the area. The City District Department must then implement the Council’s decisions.

City District Council of Bromma

The city district area of Bromma comprises the following city districts:

  • Abrahamsberg
  • Beckomberga
  • Blackeberg
  • Bromma Kyrka
  • Bällsta
  • Eneby
  • Mariehäll
  • Norra Ängby
  • Riksby
  •  Södra Ängby
  • Ulvsunda Industriområde
  • Åkeshov
  • Åkeslund
  • Alvik
  • Höglandet
  • Nockeby
  • Nockebyhov
  • Olovslund
  • Smedslätten
  • Stora Mossen
  • Traneberg
  • Ulvsunda
  • Ålsten
  • Äppelviken


The work of the City District Department is led by Lisa Kinnari, Director of the City District of Bromma. The Department consists of six divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.
Each Division consists of a varying number of units and is led by a Head of Division.

The Director’s Unit

The Unit is the support function for the Director of the City District and also serves as support and provides a sounding board for the departmental executive team, other managers and employees in department-wide issues.
The Unit function includes, among other things, communication.


HR, Security, Councils and Service

HR, Security, Councils and Service are support functions for the operation, with responsibility for HR and security issues, as well as issues relating to councils and service, council secretariats, registry, and archive, IT and telephony issues.

The division has two units:

  • HR and Security
  • Councils and Service


Finance, Facilities and Urban Environment, procurement, purchasing, facilities and urban environment

The division has two units:
• Finance, Procurement, Facilities and Environment
• Urban Environment.


The Preschool Division is responsible for municipal preschool activities for children aged 1-5, which include preschools and open preschools.


If you have any questions regarding waiting lists or fees, you can call the City of Stockholm’s Contact Centre on: 08-508 00 508.

Social Services and Leisure

The Social Services and Leisure Division is responsible for assistance and support for children, young people and adults with physical and mental disabilities, and is also responsible for youth recreation centres, financial assistance, unaccompanied minors and labour market measures.
The Division has five units:

  • Work and Provision Unit
  • Unit for Children and Young People
  • Unit for Adults
  • Personal Support Unit
  • Resource Unit.


Elderly Care

The Elderly Care Division is responsible for aid assessments, and for decisions and follow-up on health and social care interventions carried out by its own units and private care providers. The kinds of service it provides are home care services in private homes and in sheltered housing, daycare activities, special forms of housing with round-the-clock care and preventive activities.

The Division has seven units:

  • Aid Processing Unit
  • Blackeberg Home Care Dementia Team
  • Mälarbacken Care and Nursing Home, Somatic Care and Kitchen
  • Mälarbacken Care and Nursing Home, Dementia
  • Sörklippan Care and Nursing Home and Brommagården Care and Nursing Home
  • Alvik Home Care Dementia Team
  • Preventive Activities.


If you want to get in touch with an aid case officer, call Elderly Care directly on: 08-80 65 65.