City District Department of Södermalm

The City District Department of Södermalm is responsible for a large proportion of municipal services within the city district area of Södermalm.

The City District Department is responsible for

  • municipal preschool
  • elderly care services
  • support and services for people with disabilities
  • work on the urban environment (e.g. maintenance of parks)
  • social psychiatry
  • individual and family care
  • guidance for consumers
  • leisure and cultural activities.

The elected representatives on the City District Council decide what is to be prioritised for these municipal operations in the area. The City District Department must then implement the Council’s decisions.

The city district area of Södermalm comprises the following city districts:

  • Gamla stan
  • Hammarby Sjöstad
  • Långholmen
  • Reimersholme
  • Södermalm.


The City District Department is led by Alexandra Wynn, Director of the City District of Södermalm. The Department consists of seven divisions with responsibility for operations within each area. Under the Director of the City District there is a public safety coordinator, a security coordinator and a communications strategist with responsibility for the Department’s communication.

Administrative Unit and Secretariat

  • coordinates the Department’s operational planning and follow-up
  • conducts investigations and supports the divisions in matters relating to law and procurement
  • is responsible for the registry, council secretariat, caretaker services and the City’s city district archivists.


Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for financial matters and facilities. The Division also includes the coordination of environmental issues.

HR Division

The HR Division provides managerial support in HR matters. The Division also includes IT, digitalisation and telephony, and the reception on Virkesvägen.


Preschool Division

The Preschool Division is responsible for

  • municipal preschools
  • open preschools
  • family daycare centres
  • multi-family systems
  • park playgrounds
  • initiatives for children in need of special support at municipal preschools.

Social Services Division

The Social Services Division is responsible for

  • support and protection for children, young people and adults
  • support and services for people with disabilities
  • leisure activities for young people
  • financial assistance
  • labour market measures
  • the Department’s security work.


Elderly Care Division

The Elderly Care Division is responsible for health and social care and services for people over the age of 65. The initiatives are delivered in care and nursing homes, sheltered housing, daycare activities and home care services.


Urban Environment Division

The Urban Environment Division is responsible for the care, maintenance and cleaning of

  • parks and green spaces
  • playgrounds
  • natural areas
  • nature reserves.