City District Department of Northern Inner City

The City District Department of Northern Inner City is responsible for a large proportion of municipal services within the city district area of Northern Inner City.

The City District Department is responsible for issues including

  • municipal preschool
  • elderly care services
  • support and services for people with disabilities
  • work on the urban environment (the City’s parks and green areas)
  • social psychiatry
  • individual and family care
  • guidance for consumers
  • leisure and cultural activities.

The elected representatives on the City District Council decide how these municipal operations are to be carried out in the area. The City District Department must then implement the Council’s decisions.

The city district area of Northern Inner City comprises the following city districts:

  • Djurgården, also known as Södra Djurgården
  • Hjorthagen
  • Gärdet
  • Norra Djurgården
  • Norrmalm
  • Vasastaden
  • Skeppsholmen
  • Östermalm.

Hagastaden and Norra Djurgårdstaden are new city areas within the city district area.


The City District Department is led by Jesper Ackinger, Director of the City District of Northern Inner City. The Department consists of eight divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for archives, registry and the council process. The Division is also responsible for the processing of holiday jobs and association grants, as well as communication.

The Division includes

  • Secretariat and Office Services Unit
  • IT Unit.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for processes concerning

  • budget
  • financial statements
  • monthly report
  • accounting
  • facilities-related issues.

HR Division

The HR Division is responsible for drawing up and developing strategies and processes in the area of HR.

Quality Division

The Quality Division coordinates the Department’s work on planning and follow-up, as well as innovation and development. The Division also coordinates work on procurement and purchasing.

The Division is responsible for work on public safety and security, and work with citizen participation, as well as issues concerning civil society.

The Division consists of

  • Public Safety and Security Unit
  • Development Unit.

Division for City Development

This Division is responsible for issues concerning parks and the urban environment, park investments, and the operation and maintenance of the City’s parks and green areas in the city district areas of Kungsholmen and Northern Inner City.

Preschool Division

The Preschool Division is responsible for municipal preschools, park playgrounds and open preschools.

The Division consists of the following units:

  • Central Östermalm preschools
  • Engelbrekt Gärdet preschools
  • Hedvig Eleonora preschools
  • Johannes preschools
  • Karlberg preschools
  • Klara preschools
  • Matteus preschools
  • Norra Djurgårdsstaden preschools
  • Odenplan preschools.

Social Services Division

The Social Services Division is responsible for providing social support and protection for children, young people and families. The Division offers family therapy, leisure activities and initiatives for children and young people, as well as support and services for children, young people and adults with disabilities, support for adults with substance abuse problems and social psychiatry.

The Division consists of the following units:

  • Financial Aid and Work Unit
  • Prevention and Family Therapy Unit
  • Family Unit
  • Social Psychiatry Provider Unit
  • LSS Provider Unit (for persons with certain functional impairments)
  • Unit for Adults.

Elderly Care Division

The Elderly Care Division is responsible for health promotion and open meeting places for senior citizens, as well as aid assessment, service and care for people over the age of 65.

The operational area includes

  • family support
  • daycare activities
  • home care service
  • care and nursing homes
  • open meeting places for the elderly.