City District Department of Hägersten-Älvsjö

The City District Department of Hägersten-Älvsjö is responsible for a large proportion of municipal services within the city district area of Hägersten-Älvsjö.

The City District Department is responsible for

  • municipal preschool
  • elderly care services
  • support and services for people with disabilities
  • maintenance of parks
  • social psychiatry
  • individual and family care
  • guidance for consumers
  • leisure and cultural activities.

The elected representatives on the City District Council decide what is to be prioritised for these municipal operations in the area. The City District Department must then implement the Council’s decisions.

The city district area of Hägersten-Älvsjö comprises the following city districts:

  • Aspudden
  • Fruängen
  • Gröndal
  • Herrängen
  • Hägersten
  • Hägerstensåsen
  • Liljeholmen
  • Liseberg
  • Långbro
  • Långsjö
  • Midsommarkransen
  • Mälarhöjden
  • Solberga
  • Västberga
  • Västertorp
  • Älvsjö
  • Örby slott.


The work of the City District Department is led by Lee Orberson, Director of the City District of Hägersten-Älvsjö. The Department consists of eight divisions with responsibility for operations within each area.

Council Secretariat

The Council Secretariat is responsible for the registry, archival issues and council administration. The unit also includes the Department’s Medically Responsible Nurse (MAS).

Finance and Procurement

The Finance and Procurement Division is responsible for the City District Department’s overall financial work and coordination of budgets, financial statements and follow-up. The Division is also responsible for the procurement and coordination of, among other things, the Umbrella System.

HR and Communication

The HR and Communication Division is responsible for HR and communication issues.

Social Planning and Internal Services

The Social Planning and Internal Services Division is responsible for social planning, and for the operation and maintenance of the city district area’s parks. The Division is also responsible for the Department’s internal services in the form of facilities planning, IT, telephony and office services.

The Division also includes the Department’s citizens’ advice bureau, coordination of innovation, work on public safety and security, and collaboration with city planning committees and Executive Boards.


The Preschool Department is responsible for providing safe, equal municipal preschools in the Hägersten-Älvsjö city district area. The Division’s work includes operating, developing and following up on the operations. The Division consists of 13 preschool units, one development unit and one resource unit.

The Development Unit is responsible for general quality work and includes functions such as waiting lists, placement, facilities coordination, administrative support, skills development, digital project management and cultural coordination.

The Resource Unit is responsible for the Division’s special needs education support and open preschools.

Individual and Family Care

The Individual and Family Care Division is responsible for

  • investigation and the exercising of public authority in the field of individual and family care
  • support and protection measures for children, young people and their parents
  • support and protection measures for people with substance abuse problems
  • support for people in financial difficulties and certain measures for the unemployed
  • support for relatives of people with addiction problems
  • open leisure activities for children and young people in park playgrounds and youth centres, as well as field activities and youth counselling.

Disability and Social Psychiatry

The Disability and Social Psychiatry Division is responsible for

  • investigation and the exercising of public authority regarding the need for support and service for children and adults with disabilities
  • support for relatives of people with physical, mental or neuropsychiatric disabilities
  • group and sheltered housing, personal assistance, assistance/companion service and relief service under the City’s own management
  • initiatives under the City’s own management in the field of social psychiatry, in the form of housing support, assisted living facilities and group housing, 55+ profile housing, meeting facilities and employment assistance activities.

Elderly Care

The Elderly Care Division is responsible for providing good and safe service, healthcare and social care for elderly people who need it. The Division works with both preventive and aid-assessed initiatives to provide people aged 65 and over with the opportunity to be able to live independently for as long as possible in their home environment.

The Division includes

  • sheltered housing
  • care and nursing homes
  • daycare activities
  • home care service
  • support for the elderly and their relatives
  • meeting places and activity centres
  • exercising of public authority in the form of aid assessment.