Public Trustees Department

The Public Trustees Department is a supervisory authority that deals with matters relating to public trusteeship, administratorship and guardianship (representation). The department also recruits new public trustees and administrators.

The Public Trustees Department’s brief as a supervisory authority is to check that the representative is performing their duties in an appropriate manner. When an application for or notification of representation is received, the Department investigates what the need is. The investigation and a proposal for a representative are then submitted to the district court, which makes the final decision.
The elected representatives on the Public Trustees Committee make decisions on how the City should work in this area. The Public Trustees Department must then implement the committee’s decisions.


The work of the Public Trustees Committee is led by Head of Department Håkan Andersson. The Department has five units and an administrative function.

HR and Recruitment recruits and trains new representatives. The function also works with internal and external communication.

Archives and Registry registers incoming mail and new cases received, and issues certificates of discharge from administratorship. The unit also dispatches outgoing documents.

Supervision and Investigation is divided into three units. Activities include

  • examining annual and final bills
  • handling permit cases, such as estate inventories, distributions of estate, securities, applications for the sale of property and withdrawals from frozen accounts
  • handling cases relating to unaccompanied minors
  • handling applications for representatives
  • handling changes of representatives
  • in some cases, appointing and dismissing representatives.