Welcome to the City of Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the country’s largest city with nearly one million inhabitants. This page provides useful information about our services in English.

The City of Stockholm is constantly developing. We strive for accessibility for all citizens and make sure Stockholm is a sustainable, innovative and versatile city.


Every municipality in Sweden has an elected council that collects income tax and provides public services, utilities, housing, and cultural activities. The City Council of Stockholm is the supreme decision-making body in the municipality.

For certain tasks of a fundamentally local character, each county has an elected County Council. The County Council is responsible for healthcare, dental care, public transport, infrastructure and regional development.

New political majority in the City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm has a new political majority. 


  • Olle Burell (S), President of the City Council
  • Cecilia Brinck (M), 1st Vice President of the City Council
  • Sara Stenudd (V), 2nd Vice President of the City Council

Mayor and Vice Mayors

  • Karin Wanngård (S), Mayor of Stockholm
  • Jan Valeskog (S), Vice Mayor for City Planning and Sports
  • Emilia Bjuggren (S), Vice Mayor for Schools and Education, Labour Market and Human Resources.
  • Alexander Ojanne (S), Social Affairs and Public Safety
  • Clara Lindblom (V), Housing and Real Estate
  • Torun Boucher (V), Elderly Care and Culture
  • Alexandra Mattsson (V), Preschool, Child and Leisure
  • Lars Strömgren (MP), Transport
  • Åsa Lindhagen (MP), Environment and Climate

The Opposition’s Vice Mayors

  • Christofer Fjellner (M)
  • Dennis Wedin (M)
  • Andréa Hedin (M)
  • Jan Jönsson (L)

City development

The City of Stockholm ensures that you can enjoy clean water from the tap. It also guarantees that the garbage collections run smoothly, and that industrial life can thrive.

There are currently over one hundred active and planned sustainable construction projects in and around the city. In “Stockholmsrummet” (located in Kulturhuset) you can find a permanent exhibition that portrays how the city is evolving, with the help of a 3D model under a glass floor.

Preschool and compulsory school

The City of Stockholm has more than one thousand preschools.
Children in Sweden attend preschool between the ages of 1-5.

Stockholm has both municipal and independent schools. You are free to apply for the school you want for your child. It is mandatory for all children in Sweden between the ages of 6 and 16 to attend school.

Social services

The City of Stockholm's welfare system offers quality services for everyone. The services are based on the citizens' needs and individual choices. The Social Services Department provides

  • care for families in need
  • care for people with disabilities
  • care for the homeless
  • care for the elderly
  • introduction for newly arrived persons

    Most of the social services offered in Stockholm are based on the "Social Services Act" and "Support and Services for Certain Disabled People Act". 

Culture and leisure

The City of Stockholm offers a range of cultural activities. We offer everything from concerts, theatre, art galleries to sports events and exhibitions.

The Stockholm School of the Arts (Kulturskolan) offers a variety of classes in music, singing, theatre, dance, art and media. The classes are for students between the ages of 6 to 22 years old.

In almost all districts within the City of Stockholm, there are gyms, swimming pools, splash parks, beaches, ice skating rinks, parks, playgrounds and libraries.