The City of Stockholm

About 40 000 people work within the City of Stockholm organisation. You, and about one million other Stockholmers meet us at a number of places; at preschools and care homes for the elderly.

You also meet us when we repair and maintain streets and squares, when you apply for building permits, visit your citizens’ advice bureau, the library, or the public swimming pool.


We make sure that you can enjoy clean water, from the tap as well as in lakes and rivers. We make sure that garbage collection works smoothly, that harbors and keys function satisfying, that the commercial and industrial life can thrive, and that we build environmentally friendly buildings and homes. We also offer a unique and constantly developing digital infrastructure thanks to our open fiber net.

Culture and leisure

Culture activities are important. You can chose from hundreds of them through Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre) the Culture school for children and youth, the City Museum and the Medieval Museum, and the art venue Liljevalchs. We support private and cultural actors with the goal of creating a democratic and buzzing city. Sport venues and arenas, swimming pools, outdoor gyms, parks and natural reserves, are some examples of how the City help Stockholmers to an active and healthy life.

Support in difficult situations

We are also there for those in need, for example via school psychologists and the social services. We offer help and support whether the needs are due to disease, drug addiction, or a trauma from fleeing war zones.

Politics and democracy

You can have a say and make a difference. You, and all Stockholmers eligible to vote in the municipal election, decide who will run Stockholm. The City Council meet every third Monday in the City Hall. The meetings are open to the public, live at the site or via our web and radio channel. Your City District Council meetings are also open to the public, and you are welcome to leave suggestions on what you think could be improved in your local area.