Citizens’ suggestions

If you live in the City of Stockholm, you can submit a citizen’s suggestion directly to your City District Council.

What is a citizen’s suggestion?

A citizen’s suggestion is a suggestion to change or improve something within a City district council’s area of responsibility, such as:

  • pre-school
  • care for the elderly or people with disabilities
  • social services
  • democracy-related issues
  • renovations or maintenance of parks.

Many citizen’s suggestions that are received by City District Councils are about changes in the street environment. Decisions on such investments in our external environment are not made by the City District Council, but the citizens’ suggestions are forwarded to the central department responsible for the issue.

To submit a citizen’s suggestion, you must be registered in the population register in the City District Council area to which the citizen’s suggestion relates.

How do I write a citizen’s suggestion?

  • You can submit suggestions in writing, by email or post.
  • It should be made clear that it is a suggestion to the council and what the matter concerns, but it’s recommended to keep it brief and simple.
  • You must provide your name and address, and preferably a phone number and email address.
  • Send the suggestion to the City District Council where you live.

How will my citizen’s suggestion be received?

You will receive a written confirmation by post or email that the suggestion has been received and a message about how your citizen’s suggestion will be processed.

If the suggestion is raised at a meeting of the City District Council, you will be invited to attend the meeting and put forward arguments for your suggestion.