How you can have an influence

One way to influence municipal activities is to get involved in electing the politicians who govern the municipality in general elections. But you can also be involved and have a say in between elections.

The City of Stockholm’s politicians make a number of decisions that affect the everyday lives of Stockholmers, for example on pre-schools and schools, how your residential area should be developed or what streets and parks should look like. All eligible voters in the City of Stockholm can use the municipal elections to choose which politicians should run the City.

Between elections, all Stockholmers can submit comments and suggestions directly to a City operation, or send a citizen’s suggestion to a City District Council about something they think can be improved. Comments and suggestions can always be submitted anonymously.

Influencing policy in your city district

Stockholm has 13 City District Councils, which govern the City District Departments. The councils meet about once a month, and are open to the public. The meetings include open Q&A sessions.

Citizens’ suggestions

If you have an idea or a tip on something that you think could be improved in the place where you live, you can submit a citizen’s suggestion.


Medborgarbudget är ett sätt att öka den lokala demokratin genom att du som invånare involveras i utvecklingsarbetet.