Appealing a decision

If you want to appeal a municipal decision, it is important to know that you must distinguish between whether it was right for the municipality to make the decision (judicial review) or whether you think the decision itself is wrong (administrative appeal).

Judicial review

A municipal appeal is also referred to as a judicial review. It is a question of whether the decision was made in the correct way, or whether the decision means that the municipality has exceeded its authority. Such appeals or reviews may only be made by a member of the municipality. A municipal appeal must be submitted to the Administrative Court of Stockholm within three weeks of the final record of the decision being posted on the municipality’s bulletin board.

Administrative appeals

A person affected by a decision can lodge an administrative appeal. What is tested in an administrative appeal, depends on whether or not the decision taken by the municipality was correct. 

Examples of municipal decisions that can be appealed through administrative appeals are; building permits, decisions on social assistance and dispensation from the municipality’s waste collection.

If you want to appeal a decision you have received from the municipality, you must submit it to the municipality within three weeks of the decision being made.