Winter Olympic and Paralympic games 2030 – the Swedish candidacy



The City of Stockholm is optimistic about a possible Winter Olympic and Paralympic games in Sweden in 2030 and intends to make a decision on a so-called municipal guarantee. If the Swedish candidacy goes further in the International Olympic Committee's process to select the host country, Stockholm will be an active partner of the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK).

The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK), the Swedish Paralympic Committee (SPK) and the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) are conducting a Swedish candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The Winter Games would take place in several locations – Stockholm, Solna, Södertälje, Falun, Östersund, Åre and Sigulda in Latvia.

"Events such as the Winter Olympic and Paralympic games are beneficial for Stockholm and its people. They contribute to tourism, promote business, create jobs and community, and inspire young people to discover the diversity of sport. Now that we are submitting our municipal guarantee, our message is that the event will be carried out in a climate-wise, economically and socially sustainable manner," says Karin Wanngård (S), Mayor of Stockholm.”

The municipal guarantee is to be regarded as an expression of will on the part of the City to participate in and support the continued candidacy and to cooperate with the relevant authorities and actors. The decision does not include any financial commitments and is conditional that the government provides financial and other necessary guarantees.

The SOK will be informed by the IOC before the end of the year, whether the Swedish candidacy will proceed in the process of selecting a host country. If the Swedish candidacy goes ahead, Sweden will be part of the continued process where the IOC will announce the host country for the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024.

If the Swedish candidacy is successful, the City's overall commitment, finances, governance and organization in the event of a Winter Games will be considered and decided by the competent decision-making body, the municipal executive board and the municipal council.