Proposal to ban petrol and diesel cars from city centre



The plan suggests that from 31 December 2024, 20 blocks of Stockholm’s inner city area will be restricted to low-emission vehicles only, in an effort to reduce pollution and noise

Announcing the plan, Lars Strömgren, the Vice Mayor for transport and urban environment, says: “Nowadays, the air in Stockholm causes babies to have lung conditions and the elderly to die prematurely. We need to eliminate the harmful exhaust gases from petrol and diesel cars. That’s why we are introducing the most ambitious low-emission zone to date.”

Many cities have introduced plans to tackle air pollution, but Stockholm goes further than for example Paris, Athens and Madrid, who have only banned diesel cars.

The scheme is intended to allow all battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Natural gas vehicles and plug-in hybrid vans will be allowed if they meet the Euro 6 emission standard. Petrol and diesel vehicles will be completely prohibited.

Exceptions will be made for emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and fire engines, as well as mobility service vehicles, and vehicles where the driver or passenger has a disability parking permit.

The scheme is part of the City’s total budget proposal for 2024, which will be decided upon in the City Council in November.


Mårten Roslund, Head of Communication, The Green Party 
Phone: +46 76-122 96 25