Fortsatt eldningsförbud i Stockholm

Länsstyrelsen har beslutat att det råder fortsatt eldningsförbud i hela Stockholms län. Det tidigare beslutet om skärpt eldningsförbud upphävs.

Financial relief for local businesses



The City of Stockholm political majority presents relief measures for businesses due to the pandemic.

A number of measures were taken during 2020, together with financial support for businesses in Stockholm. Additional measures are now being presented, totaling 100 million SEK.

  • Continued relief in demands on security presence at restaurants throughout 2021.
  • Free supervision and probation of all applications linked to alcohol licenses throughout 2021.
  • Prolonging traffic free ”summer streets” from 1 May to 30 September.
  • Removing fees for food trucks and market vendors throughout 2021.
  • Removing fees for restaurants’ outdoor seating throughout 2021.
  • Larger outdoor seating will be allowed for restaurants.
  • No fee and prioritized administration of building permit applications to open outdoor serving for restaurants.
  • Continued free parking for motor bikes and moped class 1 throughout 2021.
  • Rental relief and possibilities to delay payments of facilities rented by the City, based on individual reviews.
  • Those who arrange cultural events and have received financial support during 2021 will be able to keep this even if the events will not be held due to the pandemic.
  • Active dialogue with those who plan large events in order to make a swift start once the events will be possible to arrange.
  • Continued free cancellations for all City owned facilities.
  • Financial support (partly) to private care companies to cover for available but empty/unused places throughout 2021.
  • 40 million SEK to reduce rejections of elderly applying for care during 2021. This is not mainly a corona measure but will contribute to reduce empty/unused places.
  • Liquidity for businesses. Reducing payment demands from 30 to 20 days on City invoices is being prolonged.