Financial relief for local businesses



Many businesses in Stockholm are strongly affected by the coronavirus crises. Businesses, especially within the travel and tourism industry and small and medium-sized companies, show very big losses of income. In order to support local businesses – the City of Stockholm has adopted a set of new measures and policies.

Below are some examples of the financial relief measures that will allow businesses to postpone some of their due payments and rents.

If you want to apply for postponement of payments, please contact the responsible City administration or company via email or phone. They will ask for your customer number (or the equivalent) and invoice numbers.

Ground lease agreements

Hospitality businesses and restaurants can apply for postponement of lease payments. The respective administration, or the City Development Office, will do individual assessments of all applications.

Stockholm contact center; ground lease agreements
Phone: 08-508 26 222

Late-night bars and restaurants

Normally, licenses for restaurants and bars to stay open after 10 pm, come with stipulations to have security guards present from 10 pm until closing. Based on the current situation with fewer guests and the restriction to solely use seated table service (The Public Health Agency of Sweden; 23 March), the stipulation concerning security guards will be alleviated.

Social services department; License unit
Phone: 08-508 25 800

Municipal regulatory information

Postponement will be applied for payment of municipal regulation fees. This applies for all regulatory matters, except fire supervision.

License of serving, alcohol and tobacco
Phone: 08-508 25 800

Food establishments
Phone: 08-508 28 888

Hygiene businesses, waste, cosmetics, sun beds and other health safety related businesses
Phone: 08-508 28 900

Car care, gas stations, mechanic workshops, printworks and shops, dry-cleaning, dentist and other environmentally hazardous activities
Phone: 08-508 28 990

Invoices from the Environment and Health Department that are being administrated by Sergel Inkasso or Kronofogden (the Swedish Enforcement Authority)
Phone: 08-508 28 757

Invoices for rents

Invoices regarding rent payments, that come from the City departments owning property, can be postponed. However, an individual assessment is carried out by the renter. This concerns, e.g. private cultural activities, campsites, restaurants and other business activities.

Real Estate Department
Phone: 08-508 27 000

Phone: 08-508 39 000

Familjebostäder - Customer service
Phone: 0770-814 814

Svenska Bostäder - Customer service
Phone: 0771-318 318

Ports of Stockholm
Phone: 08-670 26 00

S:t Erik Markutveckling
Fredrik Röjme, förvaltningsansvarig
Phone: 076-871 50 24

Per Backe, Property Manager
Phone: 08-508 42 209
Carmen Stefan, Manager for Property Support
Phone: 08-508 47 013

Land leases

There is a possibility to postpone payment of municipal land leases, e.g. for market trading and food trucks. The renter, the Traffic Department, carries out individual assessment.

Traffic department
Phone: 08-508 27 200
Ground lease agreements:

Fees for water and waste collection

There is a possibility to postpone payment of fees for water and waste collection. Individual assessment are carried out by the municipal Water and Waste Company (Stockholm Vatten och Avfall).

Stockholm Water and Waste Company (Stockholm Vatten och Avfall) Customer Service
Phone: 08-522 120 00

Construction permits, obligatory ventilation control and drawings

The City Planning Department has established a single point of contact for business. The aim is:

  • Increasing the availability of business counselling and processing of applications
  • Facilitate applications for building permits and speeding up the process

Contact point for businesses regarding building permit-related issues
Phone: 08-508 27 400
Monday – Fridays 9 am – 3 pm

Shorter terms of payment

The City normally pay invoices within 30 days. This period will be shortened to strengthen the cash flow and liquidity of local businesses.

The City reschedules, instead of cancelling

Venues booked by the City for meetings and events, are rescheduled to take place in the autumn, instead of being cancelled.

Sustained high level of service

The City’s regular activities that are of importance for local businesses, continue as usual, with high readiness to provide support for the business community.

Previously introduced measures

  • Prolonged season for sidewalk cafes and restaurants. The Transport Committee has decided that restaurants and cafes that have a valid permit for outdoor seating can chose to open their sidewalk cafes/restaurants earlier than planned.
  • Port fees. The Ports of Stockholm decided on March 17th, to reduce the port fees by 50% for a period of one month.

Question regarding Financial relief for local businesses

If you have questions regarding the introduced financial relief measures, please contact Stockholm’s business consulting (Företagslotsen), a municipal service for Stockholm businesses.

Phone: 08-508 11 595